Ultimate thick chicken baitan soup!

Since we wanted to produce ramen that would be accepted by people across the globe, we have developed ramen broth with a special focus on chicken and salt. We make genuine chicken broth by fully extracting the goodness of chicken by cooking the ingredient for hours. The broth is rich in collagen and has a full body. The “aosa” seaweed farmed in clean seawater helps to combine the taste of broth and noodles together. Our ramen has reached new heights where you don’ t get bored of ramen no matter how many times you eat it.

The restaurant manager’s recommendation
Ramen with raw Thai chili

We add Thai chili to our thick chicken baitan broth to add a new dimension to the broth. The spiciness is refreshing as well as stimulating; it is an example that exhibits the quality of our foods.

All Home-made with No MSG

Home-Made Noodles

Our home-made noodles suit perfectly with the Chicken Baitang Soup. Please enjoy the perfect harmony.

Chicken Baitang Soup

Our secret traditional Chicken Baitang Soup is a creamy broth made with tenderly simmered Chicken and combination of Dashi.

Char Siu Pork

Our fresh pork is chosen carefully. Simmered over one night, the tasty Char Siu brings you a melty texture in your mouth.


Our No.1 Topping. Delicately salted egg yolk with a mild taste will surely become your favorite.


Aosa, the symbol of our Marutama Ramen is directly imported from Japan, giving you the sharp seaweed flavour that boosts your appetite.