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5 Best Ramen Places in Singapore 2021 by Productnation


Marutama Ra-Men was first established in Kawaguchi, Japan in 2001 with a mission to create the ultimate ramen that can be enjoyed by everyone around the globe. This inspired the creation of their signature creamy chicken broth (toripai tan) which subsequently won the hearts (and tummies) of customers all around Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Canada, and Australia. 

Their ramen is homemade and free from MSG while their melt-in-your-mouth char siu pork has been made to simmer overnight. Moreover, their ramen includes aosa, a type of Japanese seaweed which melds the flavour of the broth and noodles together. Lastly, the ramen is completed with an aji-tamago (ramen egg). Some of their must-try dishes would be the fan-favourite Marutama Ramen and Char Siu Marutama Ramen. 

Customer review:

“Unique tasting broth, very rich and tangy! Nice ramen texture and I do find the chicken meatballs yummy. The best part is that it's made from chicken broth! I don't eat pork so this was a bonus because ramen's pretty much always pork-based. Add more garlic chips and you're set.” – Rae L productnation

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