Tetsuya Kudo, founder of Marutama, wanted to make a ramen which everyone can enjoy. Then he chose chicken and salt for his soup. It was a hard decision because at that time, most ramen uses pork and beef which some religions prohit to eat.

First, he intended to make a clear soup. But he was so tired that he took a nap while boiling the soup. He woke upon burned smell. The soup turned white and he thought he got another failure; however, the soup was unexpectedly yummy. This is the birthday of our chicken baitang soup.

Today, We spends a pair of chickens to make 3 bowls of ramen soup and 5 hours to prepare our chicken broth that made with no MSG at all.

You may see similar chicken ramens in Singapore, however; they may often buy condensed soup from third parties. If you take a look at Marutama’s kitchen, you can see our soup masters are ┬ácarefully watching the conditions of our soup to provide the best baitan soup in the country.

We put aosa from the golf of Ise to put beautiful flavor to the soup. Then we have ultimate chicken soup which we can enjoy everyday.

Also, our soup attracts female customers. Because it has a plantifull of collagen. Which keeps your skin youthful and wrinkle-free. Chicken soup is low fat, too.